Heather Marsh

Philosopher | Author | Progammer | Human Rights Activist

Binding Chaos

In 2010 Marsh released the internationally acclaimed book titled Binding Chaos which deconstructs our current relationship with governance and the trade economy and offers a new pathway towards self-governance which she explores through the method of mass collaboration and stigmergy making her the worlds foremost expert in Horizontal governance theory.


About Heather

Heather Marsh is a world-renowned philosopher, author, programmer, and human rights activist whose work has helped shape international events like the 2010 Spanish 'Take The Square' and 2011 North American 'occupy' Movement.She has been featured at various global conferences and events ranging from Berlin Biennale to being a speaker at the Oxford Union which subsequently censored her based on her 'truth to power' style which she has been largely known for amongst activist, hacker, anarchist, and revolutionary circles worldwide.

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